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Use your Smartphone as Apple Wallet (Passbook) Pass Scanner


You can scan barcodes in order to to add passes to your Apple Wallet. » Learn more


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Pass Scanner and Verifier supports QR, PDF417, Aztec and Code 128 barcode symbologies so that you can scan any available Apple Wallet (Passbook) pass.

Add to Wallet

The app is tightly integrated with Apple Wallet. If you scan a barcode that contains an URL to a Wallet pass you can directly add it to your Wallet.


Every scanned pass is recorded in the history, so whenever you need to redownload a pass you can do it quickly.


Digital Signatures

Pass Verifier uses digital signatures to protect your passes. This allows you to see if the pass was issued by you. We support different methods to protected your passes depending on your security needs.


You can issue verifiable Apple Wallet (Passbook) passes using any third party service providers (such as PassSource, PassKit or PassSlot) which allows you to set a custom barcode content. You can also issue verifiable Wallet passes on your own with just a few lines of code.

Offline Verification

You don't need internet access to validate a pass. Verification also works offline so that you can keep your business running.

Flexible Online Verification

You can use Pass Scanner and Verifier with your own backend. Every time you scan a pass your backend can say whether the pass is valid or not. So you can, depending on your policy, take action (e.g redeem) when a pass is scanned.


Protect you business and don't trust anybody. You keep control of your secrets, nobody but you can issue verifiable passes (not even we could do so).

Authorized Scanners

Only allow authorized scanners to perform online verification of you passes. This lets you control who is allowed to invalidate or redeem passes. Scanner can be authorized by scanning a special barcode


You can customize Pass Verifier to match your corporate identity. You can also define custom verification results to help your staff to take the appropriate actions.